September 18, 2014

keep web design and seo current

 It's quite funny as a web user myself i pay attention to how i view things online.  Do i like it? Does that look ok? Is that relevant ?  

Recently i found myself looking for information, the first result was a video that had the right look, but the date was published 2011.  Not that long ago... if its your car.  
But online i thought "well that can't be current any longer"  "it is a dinosaur" and i didn't even open the video.
How thirsty we have become for "current" and we know, if it is online and not up to date it is out of date.
Same goes for your web sites , keep them up to date and freshen them up at least every 3 years if not sooner. 
Hope that little rant was relevant for you :) 

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