March 02, 2015

Web Design and SEO Article

Get Found in the Online Market With The RankShop's SEO and Design Services

As tablet and smart phone adoption rapidly increases, the need for mobile-friendly websites is a must. If SEO serves as your main component for your digital marketing strategy, having a responsive website is becoming essential.

Desktop sales have already overtaken by mobile sales since majority of Internet users claim that they usually purchase products from a mobile-friendly website. If your company rely on SEO, it is wise to start making the transition and make a responsive web design now. Your web design option for your business will depend on many factors such as the intended target audience and the purpose of the website. One reason why having a responsive web design is the best decision is because Google recommends it. When Google speaks, online merchants and online buyers listen.

A responsive web design sites have one URL and HTML. Regardless of device used by an online user, it is easier for Google to crawl and index content. Another appealing aspect of a responsive web design is the ability of your business site to provide a great user-experience across many screen sizes and devices. This is a paramount characteristic, since you can't determine the screen sizes and devices searchers will utilize to access your website. More importantly, having a responsive website suited for desktop and mobile is easier to manage.

 Can you imagine your fully responsive site that easily adjusts to the device of your customers when they view your business online? Of course, they would find your site easy to navigate when they like to read the content and see images. The accessibility, flexibility and functionality of your site to adapt on different screens can definitely WOW your audience and turn them into constant visitors and eventually loyal customers.

Here at The RankShop, we handle digital projects that require state-of-the-art technology that supports your business website. We use the latest tools for the job. Our passionate and experienced group of designers, project managers, developers, and artists are working together to meet your project demands.  We understand that every project has its own goals and vision, The RankShop will ensure that our clients have constant access with our team to monitor the ongoing creation of your 100% customize website design.

With our customize web design package, you will avoid the extra effort and added cost in promoting your products and services in different platform. Take note that having multiple versions of your business site is cumbersome and costly. With RankShop’s expertise, you can improve your SEO at the same time. We make sure that your website will work perfectly on different devices so that managing and updating can be done in one platform only through your content management system.  In the long run, this will help business owners to save time and money.

Get your business website found by availing our professional design and SEO services. Start converting traffic now by hiring The RankShop's web design experts. We are here to boost your traffic and marketing campaigns that bring more sales.  Our company provides full SEO and web design services to local businesses in The Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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