March 13, 2015


Electronic Commerce is simply known as eCommerce or E-commerce. It is a product trader that uses online networks like the Internet. It consists of many categories in a single platform. Some of these are electronic data interchanging, internet marketing, online funds transfer, online transaction processing, data collecting, and supply chain management. With this impressive business platform, your business can receive orders from them and sell products and get paid online.

Who should develop E-commerce?
These days, there are several web developers supply ecommerce. Such professionals aim at making industries and businesses grow with the help digital tools. Businesses started to build e-commerce websites in order to increase their sales and advertise their businesses worldwide. As you already know that E-commerce is a modern method of selling. Even department stores use it now because some people who do not have time to visit their store physically cbut an still buy something they need and the store will still earn.

E-commerce Software:

E-commerce is a global scale nowadays. It helps businesses contact millions of customers in a second. It helps entrepreneurs set up a business with low cost and avoid expenses of a setting up a store physically. But to run such a business, entrepreneurs need software which can do all the repetitive tasks that has to be done every day. E-commerce software is a tool that can take care of all the mundane works of operating a business including the automated e-mailing, special offers, keeping the inventory, processing of credit card, and many more.

According to the 2015 survey of what software you can use, Magento and Shopify were best recommended. Shopify is good for small businesses. Magento is good for enterprises. For plugin in WordPress shopping cart, WooCommerce is also recommended. It is according to the latest survey but you can still look for your preferred software.

Best Checkout and Payment System for E-commerce:

E-commerce checkout and payment systems enable you to pay for transactions online using e-payment. There are four types of e-commerce payment system, Credit Cards, Digital Wallets, E-cash, and Mobile Payment. Credit card is the most commonly used by many. But what form of e-commerce payment system is the best? Some survey said that the best form of checkout and payment online is Authorize.Net, followed by PayPal and Google Checkout. It is designed for easier use.

E-commerce PPC Campaign:

For the modern world of E-commerce PPC, the priority campaign is Google Shopping. Google Shopping’s dynamic solutions rises which is available to the advertisers. So it is most recommended PPC.

Higher ROI are produced by Google Shopping’s PLA comparing to the non-branded text ads. The PLAs’ standard cost per click is lower of 26% than of a regular AdWords ads having 34% higher CTR. It is correctly managed campaign that yield fair and quick results. Its click volume lead to be high and the cost are practically lower than the text ads. It is proven to be profitable and viable compared to shopping engine platform for clients. It employs Product Listing Ads which is a new format for ads displaying image of an item, price, name of company, and the promotional message.

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