Responsive Mobile friendly web sites

Why is this important?

In SEO (search engine optimisation) google is NOT there to simply rank web sites for the benefit of the web site owners.

Google is there to find the best web site design with the best SEO and content on it for its web sites users ( people browsing the web and using their search engine.) That is all!

The one reason why your web design and its mobile view is so important is Google wants the best result for its own mobile users so naturally Google wants your site to display at it's best on it's user's mobiles.

This is why a responsive web site design by Bongo Media for your SEO and web site traffic is so important.

Apart from making the site easier for your clients to use it will help you grow above your competition and reduce the number of people that leave your site when on a mobile.

For a quote on making your site responsive and improving your SEO please click here and we will give you some great ideas.

Content Marketing

Content marketing and your search engine results, how do they work together?

Content is one of the most important items on the SEO list.

Not only is content important for your SEO ranks , but content is one of the main reasons why people will respond to your web sites offers.

Poorly written content will not engage a new customer.

With an advertising background, Bongo Media can best create and deliver you web sites content. We will have your content professionally written and delivered on your web site to best engage your web sites visitors.

Even if your web site is already looking great and ranking well on search engines, we can still have the content re worked and designed to deliver you more enquires.

For a free appraisal on your web site content and a quote to have this professionally written please enquire today.

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