About SEO Ranks

Does google Love me?

This question comes up time and time again in the minds of business owners.

Why does google love others more than me? Why does google rank other sites over mine? I spent money too… so why is their site more googalicious?

The answer to search engine preference cannot be explained in just a few words, however it can be achieved given the time and effort.

The truth is Google doesn't love everyone. And in fact has a fierce dislike for some that would try to cheat on it.

However we can breakdown what Google is looking for in a site into 2 parts.

On page SEO and off page SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. We prefer to call it making your site googalicious

On page SEO refers to going to work on the website to ensure Google understands it and can follow it easily. So when someone is looking for something, Google can put the best sites that it understands first.

Google is all about offering the best search result for the user of its site. That's what it is there to do. So in order to do this, it must clearly understand what your site is about or it will disregard you. And that is what we do when we refer to on page SEO… we make it easy for Google to love you.

Off page SEO refers to making your site active on the net. This involves social bookmarking ,back links and links from authority sites. It is a massive ongoing task that must be monitored.

However, just by doing these items does not ensure ongoing ranks and success.

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